Doloteffin – with Devil's claw
A natural way to effectively support treatment of degenerative disorders of the locomotor system.


Why to take Doloteffin – instead of other products ?

Devil's claw in Doloteffin has several advantages and benefits:


  • Clinical efficacy has been known for many years.
  • relieves pain in degenerative rheumatic conditions: Patients who took watery extract of devil's claw had as much pain relief as patients who took a chemical defined antiinflammatory medication 1
  • antiinflammatory action (in vitro) 2


  • clearly better tolerated compared to synthetic pain killers 1
  • No known drug interactions associated with Doloteffin, meaning, Doloteffin can be combined with other pain medications.
  • The supportive therapy with Devils claw can help to minimize side effects and to strengthen patient's health.
  • Due to the excellent safety profile of Doloteffin, it can also be used to support long-term treatment.


The particular feature of Doloteffin:
Aqueous extract of the root of Devil's claw

  • In contrast to alcoholic extracts, aqueous extracts of Devil’s claw as in Doloteffin lead to specific lowering of a central inflammatory mediator (Interleukin Il-1 beta). 3


Established Phytopharmaceutical

Doloteffin is a modern medicinal plant product. It is designated to combine the broad clinical experiences of a traditional used medicinal plant with a contemporary GMP-conform presented outstanding product, therefore meeting highly established product standards of safety and quality. 
Doloteffin is manufactured in Germany.

* WHO guidelines on good agricultural and collection practices for medicinal plants.
EMEA guideline on good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) for starting materials of herbal origin.

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