Doloteffin – a natural COX-II Inhibitor

  • Supportive therapy of degenerative diseases of the locomotor systemin back pain, problems in the shoulder-arm area as well as pain in all small and large joints of the body

Doloteffin – dosage

Daily dose according to EMA monograph (Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products):

  • 2 coated tablets (= 800 mg dry extract)
  • 3 times daily
  • thanks to its very good tolerability also suitable for long-term therapy
  • no known interactions with other medicinal products

Patience is needed with phytopharmaceuticals. Previous experience has shown that Doloteffin exerts a noticeable effect after the first week, and the full effect sets in after taking it regularly for about two weeks. In order to ensure therapeutic success, take regularly as recommended.